Sunday, June 18, 2017

Faith, Trust, & Love Giveaway winners announced!

Sorry it has taken me awhile to get this post up but I'm going to keep it short.
First of all thank you all for donating, praying, & sharing! Best estimate of over $1,000 came in during the Giveaway period even if they didn't enter.

And the winners list is:
Christine S.-Kindle Fire which she has kindly donated back for future use. A bike to call their own book
Carol Miller-Natasha & the Christmas wish book that she kindly gave it to me, Bible audio cd will be sent to someone else, $25 Target gift card, 3 day trial pack of Plexus slim
Katrina M.-Blue Bible
Andrew M.-Cat collar
Anne-Dark brown bible
Sandy Searle-$10 Olive Garden Gift card
Rebecca K.-brown bible, purple bible
Julie Faulkner-Girls Jewelry box
Stephanie Lynch-Owl Bracelet set

If you see your name please contact me at with your address so I can get the donor(s) of the items to ship to you. thanks again so much! I can't wait til this girl is home with her forever family, the Nalle family.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Making a Difference, One Orphan at a time

When I first started advocating I was an 18 yr old who didn't think I had anything to offer. How could I make a difference when I couldn't adopt myself? It's this post that my friend wrote that ripped my heart out that changed my life for the better.

I didn't have a job but knew I couldn't just look away from what God has called me to do. So I started small & Yes, every little bit makes a Difference to the life of an orphan.
Soon my life filled with change drives, yard sales & consignment sales anything I could do to help.
So you see you might think how can I help when I have no money to donate?
There are plenty of other ways you can help & it makes the difference no matter how small or big!
Right now I need all the help I can get to help Mary come home to her forever family whether that is sharing this post, saying a prayer, or donating.

We got a really neat Giveaway going on right now with some awesome prizes including a Brand New Kindle Fire! Here's a few of the prizes:

 $25 Target Gift Card
$10 Olive Garden Gift Card
Lovely Owl Bracelets
Beautiful Jewelry Box
And more! 
So here's how you enter:
$5-1 entry
$20-5 entries
$40-10 entries
$50-15 entries
Facebook share-Free entry
Tweet this-Free entry
Instagram post-Free entry
Blogpost-Free entry

Just be sure to comment with how many entries you need on this post

Who wants to make a difference for Mary? Because every little bit helps!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

We Love You Julia because...

Julia, My heart has forever been blessed by knowing you. Your adoption of Aaron, your posts of the Lost boys broke my heart, you changed my heart & helped me to find Gods purpose for my life. I may have not adopted yet but you have been non stop encouraging me along the way of my advocating. Leah H.
Julia is one of my dearest Ukraine buddies that came alongside my family in a VERY big time of need to raise financial support and have prayer over our family as we moved to adopt and bring our daughter Tania home from Ukraine, then Stopha and well then Bogdan, Kristjan, Angelica, Viktor,! I have no idea if Julia did not step up to be the hands and feet of Christ would ANY of my children named above make it home. The photo above is our family minus 1. 8 of our children would not be our amazing kiddos if it were not for Julia's listening to God and moving on behalf of our family. Nicole Dewberry

''Our family is very grateful for her. She helped us make huge leaps by sharing our family to her blog and donating items to our giveaways! She is very selfless and kindhearted'' Amanda Mcquinn
She was a huge help for us to bring our kids home! Kayleigh Bloom

Julia has been such a blessing to our family. We didn't know her when we adopted our 3 kids with special needs , but she inspired us to fundraise for other orphans and we've been touched by her blog and of course her own adoption journey. She says what's in many of our hearts💗 When we moved to VA we were blessed to get to meet Julia and since then, she has shown love to our kids with special needs and has encouraged us. I have a couple stories.... When my daughter's were raising money for the Rodger family, they handmade lots of bracelets and crocheted items....which were accidentally taken to Goodwill after a yard sale! Julia shared about what happened and alot of people donated....which was a blessing to not only the family but to my girls. Then when our adopted son Joshua was in the ICU on a ventilator critically ill, Julia came to pray with us on one of his worst days when they didn't think he would make it. That meant so much to us (thankfully God restored his life). We are thankful for her friendship & how God helps orphans through her! Traci Adamson
Julia became part of Little B's Super Hero Team back when I was in process in 2012/2013. I was blessed to have so many have their name on his team wall, but Julia's was special. As I became part of RR and as I contemplated the process (as well as through the following years) I have watched as Julia has been a motivator, a cheerleader and a fundraiser for waiting kiddos and for families in process. She gets RR's name and mission out there. So truly just about every child who has come home with the support of RR has been blessed by Julia. She brought attention to the plight of these kids and showed families that people are willing to help raise funds if you take a leap of faith and work hard. I truly don't think anyone will ever know the actual number of kids whose process was touched by Julia. So many are home because of all Julia has done. Even if she never posted again, so many are now involved because she touched them in some way. These people will spread forth the mission that Julia has worked so hard to support and will get others involved. Great thanks to Julia for blessing so many. Her boys have blessed her and I am confident so will a certain little girl. Beth Baird
This is Aeson. We found him through Reece's Rainbow because Julia advocated for him on her blog. Aeson has been home a little over four months now. He is smart, loving, healthy, well-adjusted and has exceeded every expectation we had by a million light years. Without Julia , we never would have found our son. I can't thank her enough for all the tireless advocating she does. It truly does change lives. Mary Sanders
Before adoption
And after
Well she shouted for me on her blog, donated to me, and was a MASSIVE encouragement to me. Terri C.

Julia is a dear friend (local to me). We have helped each other through our adoptions. She was very generous to us with help. I haven't joined in your giveaway as I have another plan for my donation to her. Here is a current picture of my girls. She has taught them at homeschool co-op too!! Love Julia!! Julie Snell

Julia is an encourager, a warrior for children and families and just a whole lot of fun to be with!! She came to Ukraine help bring my 3 children home and our epic 16 hour overnight train ride to Kyiv will never be forgotten! God Bless your journey to Mary Julia!! Love from Carla and the whole Dobrovits family.

Julia, We have all been blessed by you & we wanted to share our thankfulness. Hope God continues to use you & bless you like you have done for all of these families.

Because we love you, we want to help you bring home Mary.

You could win a brand New Kindle Fire 
Or other cool prizes so check it out! Giveaway will end May 18th.
Go make a donation today! 
And please don't forget to visit her blog

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Faith like a Mustard seed

This Giveaway hasn't been the fastest but yet I knew this going in that I was going to have no goal, no expectation & leave it all in his hands.
 From the Moment I met Julia back in 2014 I knew there was something truly special about her.
Her Journey has had many twists & turns but yet she continues to have faith like a mustard seed.

Matthew 17:20
And He said to them, "Because of the littleness of your faith;for truly I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,'and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you.

Faith that God will provide the funds to bring home Mary most families in the adoption world, she is continuing to give back to others
I could probably fill a book or 2 with thousands of children who have been advocated for/helped bring home because of Julia's efforts. Let's help give back to a lady who has given back time & time again. 

We have an awesome Giveaway going on right now with some sweet prizes including a brand new Kindle Fire!
$10 Olive Garden Gift card

Lovely Bibles
A special story
And More! 

So far I do believe $260 has come in, that is awesome! $100 MATCH HAS BEEN MET & EXCEEDED!!!

Once their Grant reads $7,640.46 it will be matched.

To enter into the Giveaway:
$10-1 entry
$50-6 entries
Facebook share-Free entry
Tweet this-Free entry
Instagram post-Free entry
Blogpost-Free entry

Comments are moderated so once I approve your comment it will be posted. Thank you all so much, let's do this for the Nalle family & for Mary!
I'm having faith like a Mustard seed, how about you?

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

To be Cherished, belong, & beloved

What does it mean to be cherished?
1.To protect & care for (someone) lovingly
2. Hold (something) dear

That's what comes up on Google when I searched it. 

Do you have something or someone you cherish? You know that ratty blanket you have had since the day you were born that you constantly slept with? Or that well loved stuffed animal you love?

For me One of my Cherished items from my childhood is my doll, Samantha. 

She was my doll the one I pretended to play adventures with a friend from Dance class, the one I took with me on many trips, the one that was my favorite. 
Anyway, it came to my heart that like my doll Samantha who I dearly cherished, it represents orphans as well. 

For you see, orphans don't have items of their own like I have my beloved Samantha doll. They share everything clothes, shoes, toys, & caregivers. Yes, nothing wrong with sharing but still is nice to have something that belongs just to you.
Like Samantha, they long to be loved & cherished in a family.

For Mary, she is a cherished & beloved daughter who just doesn't know it yet.
Her Mom is having faith that God will bring Mary home.

And I'm having Faith that we can help ease the cost of bringing Mary home.
Love wins always! To donate go here

Please don't forget about the Giveaway going on & Please share!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Faith, Trust & Love Giveaway

Trusting & having Faith that God's got whatever it may be isn't always easy but yet if we didn't where would we be?
Back in 2010, I discovered a blog by a sweet lady named Julia. 

Her story adopting Aaron, broke my heart in a very good way & for that I'm thankful. Over the last almost 7 years Julia has been such a great encouragement to me through my ups & downs of advocating for special needs orphans. She was always there when I asked for prayer or telling me not to give up no matter what.

3 yrs ago we got to meet in person & I will say she is 100% even more kinder in person.
Since adopting her son, Aaron they also went on to adopt again, John.

And now they are taking a leap of faith yet again for Mary
A beautiful little girl who deserves the love of a family.

As we all know adoption isn't cheap but instead of focusing on fundraising this time they are putting their trust that God will provide for this adoption.

Thing is Julia, has given of herself time & time again to help others bring home their kids. Today is her Birthday & what better time to give back than a Birthday Giveaway fundraiser? Yes, Julia has hosted many Giveaways before & she has cheered me on as I did my own for others, so why not do one for her family?
I'm totally following her example putting my Faith & trust in God in this, no matter what. 

Julia, we love you & Happy Birthday! You have loved so many babes, let us surround you with that same Love.

So here's how you enter:
$5-1 entry
$20-5 entries
$40-10 entries
$50-15 entries
Facebook share-Free entry
Tweet this-Free entry
Instagram post-Free entry
Blogpost-Free entry
Just PLEASE make sure your posts are public!

You can go donate here 
Just be sure to leave a comment saying you have done so, thanks!

Here are the prizes:
Brand New Kindle Fire donated by Anonymous

It's called a Beastie Band cat collar. They are soft, comfortable collars that stretch for safety. The unique cut to fit feature allows it to fit a kitten or big tomcat. Retail value $10. Donated by Jen KC
$25 Target giftcard donated by Patty L.
$10 Olive Garden Gift card donated by anonymous
 Natasha and the Christmas Wish 
Book trailer here
Donated by Katrina M.
A Bike To Call Their Own signed by Preston
Donated by Katrina M.

Beautiful Designed Personal size Bible
Holman Christian Standard Bible All Brand New
*Full color maps, you all concordance, Bible dictionary, words of Christ in red
Donated by Traci A


Dark Brown

King James Holy Bible on CD New Never used donated by Traci A.
Girls Jewelry Box about 8 in tall
Donated by Traci A

3 Day Trial Pack of Plexus Slim, the pink drink that balances blood sugar levels. Common benefits of consistent use of Slim Include more energy, less sigar cravings, better sleep and weight loss (results vary)
Donated by Traci A.

Owl Bracelet set donated by Leah H.

Let's do this for a Lovely girl who is waiting on the other side of the world for a mom who adores her!
Giveaway will end May 18th.